Residential Loan Services


New Home purchases

As an independent mortgage broker, we have contractual relationships with many well-known national mortgage companies. We have access to all their loan programs, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans. We are sought after by these giant lenders because of our experience and the quality of our mortgage loans. We have access to the product you need.

Free Pre-Approvals

Getting your home mortgage financing set up in advance of making an Offer to Purchase is highly recommended. Doing so makes your Offer stronger, and can even beat out a competing Offer that does not come equipped with a Pre-Approval Letter. A Pre-Approval Letter from Mortgage Resource Group has a high value in the marketplace we have served for over 25 years.

Free Pre-Qualifications

Do you just need a snap shot of what your proposed mortgage payment will be and how much house you can afford? We can answer this in about five minutes. No credit is pulled, no documents change hands, but your immediate questions are answered.

Coordinating With All the Parties to the Transaction

With some lenders, you are “on your own” when it comes to giving and getting important information from the Realtor, the Attorneys, the Title Company, and the Insurance Company. We believe superlative customer satisfaction comes about by being fully engaged with all parties to the transaction, and where necessary, by assuming a leadership role in this capacity.

Responding to Important Dates

We consider it is our responsibility to meet contractual dates, most notably the mortgage contingency date and the closing date. Homeowners ourselves, we have been in your shoes. Juggling movers, bank wires, Seller demands, family demands….somebody has to watch out for your interests in the mortgage arena and that is what we do.


There are numerous reasons people refinance. Whatever your reason, Mortgage Resource Group can help. What sets us apart is our extensive experience. Our longevity is the best barometer of our level of service. People trust us, and nothing is more important in a financial services business.

Lower your monthly mortgage payment

The most obvious way to lower your payment is by lowering your interest rate. There have been many “refi booms” over the past thirty years, caused by economic conditions which drive down interest rates across all sectors of society. With “no cost refinancing” available today, often a mere 1/2% interest rate reduction will save you a surprising amount of money each month.

Removing mortgage insurance (PMI) is an easy way to save $100 or more monthly. This option makes sense if the current interest rates are the same or better than what you already have and through appreciation or pre-payment your equity position has reached 20%.

Life changes may warrant a new mortgage. Unanticipated medical bills, education expenses, divorce, job changes and other situations may argue for refinancing from a 15 year fixed to a thirty year fixed, or from a fixed rate loan to an adjustable rate loan. Each action would lower your monthly payment.

Lower your overall debt obligations

In many cases, it is possible to refinance and take “cash out”. The excess cash after paying off the existing mortgage can be used for whatever you want. Common uses are the pay off of credit cards, car loans, second mortgages, school loans, private loans, etc. Even if your monthly mortgage payment increases due to the higher balance, your overall debt load can decrease, sometimes substantially.

Purchase of other investments

The equity in your real estate can be as good as cash. Refinancing for cash out is one way to purchase a second home or an investor property. Investment in companies, equities, and businesses is very common. But perhaps the most common use for a cash out refinance is to improve your own home. A room addition, a new kitchen or bathroom, a new garage, re-modeling; all these dreams can come to life by refinancing your home.

Life Changes

Marriage, divorce, death, inheritance, partnership formulation, partnership dissolution, all can trigger events where equity re-distribution via refinancing is the most economical vehicle to achieve the required goal.

General Consultation

Everybody on our team has bought and sold homes, raised families, paid for college, lived through booms and the busts of the economic cycles, and yet, we have kept up with countless new lending regulations, underwriting eligibility guidelines, appraisal issues, and credit requirements.

We are honored to share our experience with you with free consultations whenever the need arises. This is part of our service. It is one of the reasons we continually earn more and more referrals. Simply, we like to help.