"I remember the very first time I helped someone get their dream home... This is why I got into this business and why I've done it every day ever since."

- Jeff MAGee

We are a word-of-mouth based company that has been in business for over 25 years. We have been in the same location this entire time. Our key personnel have worked together for over twenty years. We are one of the oldest pure mortgage brokers in the State of Illinois.  With the advent of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, Appraisal Independence, and our preferred lending partners going national, it is easy to do loans in several states, while still delivering superlative customer service. 

As an independent mortgage broker, we have contractual relationships with many well-known national mortgage companies. We have access to all their loan programs, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans. We are sought after by these giant lenders because of our experience and the quality of our mortgage loans. We have access to the product you need.

As for customer service, we survive and, in fact, flourish solely from word of mouth. Mortgages have become commodities. Every company offers the same products and pretty much the same price. What sets companies apart is their customer service. Our longevity is the best barometer of our level of service. People trust us, and nothing is more important in a financial services business.

I hope we can be of service to you, and thereby welcome you and your family and associates into ours for many years to come.

Jeff Magee